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Literary Criticism/Literature

Out of Eden

Out Of Eden: A Saga of the South
by Lillian Faulkner Baggett

A riveting novel of the years preceding and following World War II with it's "setting an idiosyncratic slice of the Deep South, including northern Florida and southern Georgia...Readers who want to know more about how fairly typical people lived and what they thought during a critical time in our nation's history will find their curiosity frequently rewarded." - Dr. John Harris, President of The Center for Literate Values

"Brings to life the inner turmoil that must have plagued many Southern women during the World War II era...interweaves history, literature, and theology into a story of a would-be Scarlett O'Hara and the families of Florida, Georgia and Alabama whose lives are forever changed by her actions." - Janet G. Dewey, Chair, Dept. of English, The Potomac School

ISBN 978-1-890357-22-7

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Sweet Prince

Lucette Desvignes: The Artist in the Arena
by Jerry L Curtis

"The most complete examination to date of the prose, theater and poetry of...one of France's most interesting living writers...enriched by numerous illustrations and a very complete bibliography and interviews with the author." - Mary Anne O'Neill, Professor, Whitemore College

ISBN 978-1-890357-20-7

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Orpheus in Brooklyn

Orpheus in Brooklyn: Orphism, Rimbaud, and Henry Miller
by Bertrand Mathieu
The first critical evaluation ever undertaken of the influence of Orphic thinking and of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud's Orphic-derived strategies on the life attitudes and literary style of Henry Miller, especially on Miller's masterpiece, The Colossus of Marousi .

"The best book I have seen about Henry Miller ... penetrating understanding of Miller's work ... a work of poetry in its own right." - Anaïs Nin, Diary of Anaïs Nin

ISBN 1-890357-11-1

Sweet Prince

SWEET PRINCE: The Passion of Hamlet
A novel by Douglas Brode
Was Hamlet Gay? In Sweet Prince, Douglas Brode offers a modern take on the historical character who provided Shakespeare with inspiration for his greatest tragedy. The author also brings to full, rich, vivid life precisely what the Bard ignored: North Europe as it actually was during the early days of the Renaissance.

”A remarkable retelling--full of amazing twists at every turn.” - Jane Weiner, Producer, The Tragedy of Hamlet.

”Sweet Prince is a definite 'go' for a Hollywood film or mini-series.” - Robert Strauss, Producer and Director.

ISBN 1-890357-10-3


The Stories We Tell: Composing in a Decomposing World
by Ruth Newton
Two contradictory types of narrative answer the unraveling of our age: a return to the epic in the form of performance art, and the development of the novel as game, with all its concomitant effects. These narratives are examined with many examples from world literature.

‘A penetrating, extended essay on the character and devolution of the epic and the novel…Newton weaves a fascinating tapestry…sparkling with suggestive insights, this is literary criticism in the grand tradition of belles lettres.’ — David Gordon, CUNY Graduate School..

‘Remarkable...a must read. Her profound grasp of literature…is a tour de force.’ — Shehira Davezac, Indiana University.

‘A joy to read.’ — Paolo Cucchi, Dean, Drew University.

‘A delightful, intriguing tour through the myriad worlds of storytelling…highly enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.’ — Douglas Brode, Syracuse University.

ISBN 1-890357-18-9

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Terra Firma

Terra Firma
by Clara Orban
This award-winning novel is an incredibly riveting story of the plight of pre-World War Italian and Hungarian families, pushed by politics and history out of their land toward America, and the moving reconciliation of a daughter, product of this America, with her past.

‘Bursts with complex, interesting, and likable characters…The multiple stories that Orban artfully weaves explore the themes of family, the land, and the search for freedom. Orban’s plot is everything we want in a novel' — Nancy Grossman, Assistant Director, Honors Program, DePaul University

‘Orban’s superb first novel skillfully and seamlessly weaves together the threads of a couple’s history that cross a continent and spans generations, showing us again that courage and hope are the true legacy of the millions of immigrants who came to America seeking a better life.” — Krisitine Chalifoux, author of In This Light

ISBN 1-890357-19-7

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The British Poetry of WWI (Centennial Edition)

The British Poetry of WWI (Centennial Edition)
by Candace E. Barnes
A comprehensive annotated anthology of the combatant poets of World War I, which sees its centennial in 2014.

”Barnes has done us a great service in collecting these poems” - Edward Shannon, Professor, Ramapo College of New Jersey
”A thrilling and comprehensive book about the great young British poets of World War I...Barnes has created a reading experience that touches the heart and that will stay in the mind of passionate readers as long as we live.” - Okey E. Chenoweth, Professor, Bergen Community College
The British Poetry of WWI (Centennial Edition)$22.50 - Add to Cart

Selected Poems and Prose Poetry of Gretti Izak

Selected Poems and Prose Poetry of Gretti Izak
by Gretti Izak
The selected poetry, hitherto appearing over the last two decades in eight separate and difficult to obtain books, of one of Israel's most prolific and sensitive poets, writing in English.

The British Poetry of WWI (Centennial Edition)$25.00 - Add to Cart

Political Economy

The House that Uncle Sam Built

The House that Uncle Sam Built: How the Federal Government and Real Estate Interests Created, Inflated and Rescued the American Dream
by Helena Yeaman

”An unbiased view of how our real estate crisis occurred and who was really to blame.” - Matt Rocco, Associate Dean of Business, Broward College
”A must read for anyone wishing to gain understanding of how The Great Recession of 2007-2009 came to be.” - Eric P. Chiang, Associate Professor of Economics, Florida Atlantic University
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World Affairs

Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century

Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century
by Mike Lerma
Describes and explains the contemporary role of indigenous nations as international actors, and re-examines contemporary indigenous sovereignty from an organic and spiritual perspective in contrast to Westphalia notions of sovereignty.

”Raises vital questions at the forefront of the 21st century debates on indigenous people's human rights, indigenous sovereignty, and relations between indigenous communities and global politics and economy.” - Robert A. Williams, Professor, University of Arizona, Tucson.
Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century$27.95 - Add to Cart
The Stable Minority

The Stable Minority: Civilian Rule in Africa
by Samuel Decalo
 Illustrated by three detailed case studies from Gabon, Malawi and Kenya, Decalo outlines the specific variables and policies that have succeeded to stabilize civilian rule in a continent racked by coups and military rule.

”Striking in its simplicity and force…cogently argued…eminently readable and indispensable…Outstanding Book of the Year” - CHOICE

”Outstanding…enlightening…fills an important niche” - Foreign Affairs.

ISBN 1-890357-00-6

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Israel and Africa

Israel and Africa: Forty Years, 1956-1996
by Samuel Decalo
Thirteen incisive and sparkling essays on the birth, incredible mushrooming, and eventual decline of Israel’s diplomatic and economic relations with Africa, that at one time had transformed Israel into the world’s third-largest diplomatic power.

”Sparkling, fresh, eminently readable, nowhere else can one find a discussion of the early 1950’s 'messianic impulse' that was the driving force behind Israel’s policy of international cooperation with the Third World.”

ISBN 1-890357-01-4

Israel and Africa: Forty Years, 1956-1996 by Samuel Decalo$9.95 - Add to Cart

Psychoses of Power

Psychoses of Power: African Personal Dictatorships
(second edition) by Samuel Decalo
A spellbinding tour de force focusing on aberrant, and demented, tyrannical rule in Africa, with detailed case studies of Idi Amin (Uganda), Macias Nguema (Equatorial Africa) and Jean Bedel Bokassa (Central African Republic).

”Outstanding Book of the Year” - CHOICE

”A minor classic.” - Washington Post

”A masterful unraveling of the aberrant tyrannical regimes” - Carl Rosberg, University of California.

ISBN 1-890357-02-2

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Civil-Military Relations in Africa

Civil-Military Relations in Africa
by Samuel Decalo
A collection of several key essays, and extract from the author’s seminal Coups and Army Rule, that outlines the root causes of continued civil-military instability in Africa.

”Written in a lucid style…informative and exciting reading.” - Tutu Vanhanen, University of Helsinki

”The collection of essays represents some of his best work…showing why Decalo is one of the most outstanding African comparative scholars” - Ken Christie, University of Bergen

ISBN 1-890357-03-0

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Africa: The Lost Decades

Africa: The Lost Decades
by Samuel Decalo

A collection of hitherto not easily-accessible incisive articles by the author on Africa's early "lost" decades of civil-military strife and ideological posturing.

”No one knows more about this field of inquiry than Samuel Decalo.” - Goldsworthy, Monash University
”Extends and reinforces the lessons of his Coups and Army Rule in Africa.” - Claude Welch, SUNY/Buffalo
Africa: The Lost Decades by Samuel Decalo$22.95 - Add to Cart

China Teacher

China Teacher: An Intimate Journal
by J. R. LeMaster
A beautifully written Journal of a sojourn as guest professor in China. Author of nineteen books and 400 poems, LeMaster's book "echoes the pain and the beauty, the fortitude and the glory of a people that he loves compassionately." Roberta S. Trites, Illinois State University.

ISBN 1-890357-14-6

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Small-Town Russia: Childhood Memories of the Final Soviet Decade

Small-Town Russia: Childhood Memories of the Final Soviet Decade
by Anton Weiss-Wendt

A powerful account of daily life in the provincial Soviet Union of the 1980's. Written from a child's perspective, the book covers an array of rarely discussed subjects, making biting remarks about the Soviet mentality in general. The author works at the Center for the Study of the Holocaust in Oslo, Norway.

”Not the usual Soviet, Moscow or Leningrad-centered memoir...rather tiny Valdai in the backwaters of Soviet Russia...readers will be transported back in time, to a world consisting of normalcy and absurdity in equal measure.” - Lynn Viola, University of Toronto.
”A bittersweet tale of a...rather extraordinary family that sought to live out its own version of Soviet ideal, only to be nearly crushed by the forces of the Soviet system.” - Mark von Hagen, Arizona State University.

ISBN: 1-890357-25-1

Small-Town Russia: Childhood Memories of the Final Soviet Decade by Anton Weiss-Wendt$19.95 - Add to Cart

The Ambitious Struggle: An African Journalist's Journey to Hope and Identity in a Land of Migrants, by Yasin Kakande

The Ambitious Struggle: An African Journalist's Journey to Hope and Identity in a Land of Migrants
by Yasin Kakande
Kakande, a Ugandan national, has worked for the past decade as a journalist in Dubai. His eminently readable book is a fascinating story of how he succeeded to carve for himself a distinguished niche against all odds in a very complex society; but far, far more than that, by recounting his daily professional duties, and the events and issues he was called upon to report--and not to report--Kakande focuses an intense beam of light on the bedrock issues of the secretive and very sensitive society that is now his own. And Kakande also raises the very germane question--how can one maintain professional and personal integrity--if doing so can ever so easily lead to his instant dismissal and deportation in a society whose ruling class prefers that its inner secrets remain secret.

The Ambitious Struggle$22.35 - Add to Cart


A Link in Time

by Harold S. Taxel
A terse, racy, poignant thriller pitching a reporter and call-girl against the corrupt forces of law and order. This book is the first in the author's trilogy "Crusade Against Corruption."

Lifeline$23.95 - Add to Cart


by Weldon Payne
A riveting story about love and death, reality and insanity, love and hate.

”Payne compels the reader to wonder, conjecture and reassess--in effect to participate in a creation story. This book is a compelling read, leading us to re-examine what it is to be human in all its complexity.” - Dr. Mary McLemore, Motlaw State Community College
Alone$18.35 - Add to Cart

Bodine's Roost

Bodine's Roost
by Harold S. Taxel
This book is the second in the author's trilogy "Crusade Against Corruption."

”Bodine's Roost is a thrilling read about good versus evil that leaves you wanting more--especially with the tease at the end.” - Marcia Zimmerman, Editor
Bodine's Roost$23.95 - Add to Cart

Reuben's Revenge

Reuben's Revenge: Crusade Against Corruption, vol. 3
by Harold S. Taxel
This is the final book in Taxel's riveting trilogy, as the master story-teller's characters climax their quest in an explosive ending.

Reuben's Revenge: Crusade Against Corruption, vol. 3$27.95 - Add to Cart

The Meadows

The Meadows
by Daniel Benevento

”A lonely man's desperate journey through the night life of Las Vegas in search of answers, and the hazards of the blackjack tables for the amateur player.” - Howard Taxel, author of Antoine Gold; The Fourth Monkey; and Legacy of Death
The Meadows$19.96 - Add to Cart

Antoine Gold and the Rolls Royce and other Bankruptcy Short Stories

Antoine Gold and the Rolls Royce
by Harold S. Taxel

Twenty-five fascinating and at times hilarious fictionalized short stories of the foibles and imperfections revealed in actual bankruptcy cases by a US Bankruptcy Trustee of over 15 years. 194 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-890357-29-0

Antoine Gold and the Rolls Royce and other Bankruptcy Short Stories by Hal Taxel$15.50 - Add to Cart

The Fitting by Joseph Zaitchik

The Fitting
by Joseph Zaitchik

A fascinating psychological thriller that grips you from the first page by a terrific storyteller. 220 pages.

”Using the tropes of the classic American crime story--an alienated hero, hard-bitten cops, crisp dialogue, and a sinewy plot with multiple suspects--Zaitchik delivers someting altogether new. The Fitting has an almost Eastern European sensibility, the result (part Kafka, Dostoevsky, and a smidgen of Woody Allen) is a dark quirky tale that kept me turning pages.” - David Daniel, award-winning Alex Rasmussen private eye series

ISBN: 978-890357-28-3

The Fitting by Joseph Zaitchik$31.95 - Add to Cart

Nowhere Else to Go by Judith Kirscht

Nowhere Else to Go
by Judith Kirscht

”An absorbing read. The classic story of a small American town caught up in the social and political upheavals of the 1960's.” - Valerie Hobbs, author Call It a Gift
”The capstone of a master writer at the top of her craft.” - Patricia Bloom, University of Miami

ISBN: 978-890357-29-0

Nowhere Else to Go by Judith Kirscht$26.95 - Add to Cart

The Fourth Monkey

The Fourth Monkey
by Harold S. Taxel

A thriller set in Mexico revolving around the tug-of-war between the Catholic Church and the police of Tijuana. Veteran author Taxel is a former bankruptcy trustee of over 15 years, and former All-American fencer.

The Fourth Monkey by Hal Taxel$27.95 - Add to Cart

Emperor of the Galatians

Emperor of the Galatians
by Mihajlo Kazic
Enthralling thriller on the all powerful Emperor of the Roman Empire, caught in no-man's land between the past and the future, and three young men, guided by a mysterious force, set out to cure him. A powerful allegory on the struggle between good and evil.

ISBN 1-890357-15-4

$17.95 - Add to Cart

A Legacy of Death

A Legacy of Death
by Hal Taxel

”A tribute to L. A. Noire. Involving family turmoil, ethnic dilemmas, greed, hatred, erotica, and of course, murder, it is a story that relies on its graphic details and visuals.” - Daniel Benevento, author of The Meadows
A Legacy of Death$23.96 - Add to Cart

Mister Malone

Mister Malone
by Weldon Payne

”Payne at his best. Captures the struggle of a man who stands against the dehumanizing forces which surround him. Payne's vivid imagery and detail coupled with his ability to capture the cadence of rural Alabamian speech brings the story to life. An engaging and worthwhile read.” - Linda C. Rollins, former Professor, Motlaw State Community College
”A powerful, moving story of love and human decency as Mister Malone does his duty and righteous deeds while swirling towards his fate, buoyed by his precarious lifeline.” - Nick Sullivan, former with The Tennessean
Mister Malone$18.35 - Add to Cart

Twice a False Messiah

Twice a False Messiah
by Daniel Gabriel

A tantalizing thriller set mostly in the tombs of ancient Egypt and along the Nile river. It is 1978 with Egypt and Israel trying to forge a tenuous peace, as the author brilliantly explores the rift between the true nature of religious truth and monotheism.

”[Gabriel's] prose and characters are vivid and intimate, literary and experiential, exploring the essential nature of culture, religion and humanity.” - Ali Selim, author and director of the award-winning film Sweet Land
”[The book] reveals a world as rich as Shantaram, with as much energy as Raiders of the Lost Ark, laid on the firm foundations of a spiritual quest C.S. Lewis would have approved.” - Guy Stewart, author, teacher
Twice a False Messiah$19.95 - Add to Cart

A Link in Time

A Link in Time
by Bill Ed Scruggs

”A beautifully crafted story...Scruggs charmingly weaves concepts of time, lost love and self-identity into a stark tapestry of despair and desperate struggle, all the while transporting the reader to the backwoods country of Tennessee...you won't be able to put it down.” - Dr. Robyn Redinger, Clinical Consultant
”No psychiatric textbook could give a clearer picture of a man whom hope has abandoned...This is a truly great book, and as real as life. I feel more complete for having read it. The book contains tension and beauty and teaches appreciation of the time we have on earth.” - Dr. James T. E. Chengelis, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine
A Link in Time$19.95 - Add to Cart


by Weldon Payne

”Payne's novel combines raw humour with a tragic tale of an unlettered clairvoyant hillbilly who narrowly escapes death by a speeding train, then starts preaching. Sadly, his good intentions clash with reality.” - Hildegarde Knowles, Manchester TN. schoolteacher
Scuppernong$18.00 - Add to Cart

The Last Stop Before Dying

The Last Stop Before Dying
by Hal Taxel
This gripping thriller by one of America's new generation of suspense writers starts with a bang...or rather a fall, or a push, as the author takes us on a mystery journay of finance and death in a luxury retirement community.

”Incredibly well-crafted and gripping thriller...strongly recommended.” - H. Davies, author
”Hal Taxel takes us along with bankruptcy trustee Hyatt's struggle to keep a luxury retirement open.” - Marcia Zimmerman, editor
The Last Stop Before Dying$27.95 - Add to Cart

The Jesuit Said No

The Jesuit Said No
by Hal Taxel
Action-packed thriller ranging from the Vatican to Tijuana and Las Vegas, centered around a Jesuit priest conned into a vicious criminal plot of bribery and murder. Defrocked rather than seeking official redemption for his sins, he remains true to his mission of securing aid for the destitute children of Tijuana.

The Jesuit Said No$27.95 - Add to Cart

Loss of Innocence

Loss of Innocence
by William Eisner
Enthralling first-person narrative chronicling the rise and fall of a world class con man and a genius at his craft.

”Eisner's prose is at once lyrical and intense, filled with original imagery and swift moving action...thought provoking, thrilling and highly entertaining.” - Red City Review
Loss of Innocence$22.35 - Add to Cart

Contrary Warriors

Contrary Warriors
by Sheryl Wright
A tense and captivating novel of international intrigue, part of a trilogy on secrets, second chances, by an exciting new Canadian author.

”Unique...deserves a space on any thriller enthusiast's bookshelf...a must read. The author is brilliant in capturing the readers' attentions with colorful descriptions interlaced with witty dialogue. Wright has wielded her magic in creating a visual reading experience, fast paced and heart-stopping.” - Penn Book Review
Contrary Warriors$19.95 - Add to Cart

Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy
Volume 2 of Contrary Warriors
by Sheryl Wright
Volume Two of the the spell-binding trilogy by one of Canada's sensational new authors. Winner LGBT Prize, Florida Book Festival, January 2016.

”Blood Legacy pulls you in from the first page and never lets you go...well-researched and with an eye for detail, Blood Legacy does not disappoint. If you have been looking for a suspenseful, action-packed thriller, look no further.” - Lila Bruce, author of Love Bites and Falling Slowly.
Contrary Warriors$19.96 - Add to Cart

Carved in Ice

Carved in Ice
Volume 3 of Contrary Warriors
by Sheryl Wright
Sheryl Wright is a major new Canadian author, with five major fiction books already to her credit, including the riveting Contrary Warriors trilogy published by Florida Academic Press. One in the series--Opposite Sides of the Coin--is the winner of the 2016 Florida Book Festival Prize. Wright has studied Aviation and Electrical Engineering, and has flown for several airlines including Canadian Airlines, and Her Majesty's Armed Forces. This her third and final book of the trilogy, is a gripping thriller set in the Arctic Ocean.

ISBN: 978-1-890357-58-0

Carved in Ice$19.95 - Add to Cart

The Epitaph Negotiation

The Epitaph Negotiation
by William Eisner
A collection of short stories that brilliantly explore human behavior under stress.

”Brilliantly written, boldly conceived, and totally original,,,expertly paced and gripping in psychological insights.” - Phillip M, Evans, Attorney, Largo
”Hard to put down, effortless to read...a great read.” - Elizabeth Forbes, Attorney, La Jolla

ISBN: 978-1-890357-53-5

The Epitaph Negotiation$26.35 - Add to Cart


Antinomy: a Union of Mind

Antinomy: A Union of Mind
a novel by Lucian M. Whyte
A fascinating blend of fiction and philosophy. Two characters without names form Antinomy: the Other, whose life consists of difference, rejection, and learning through suffering, and the One, whose presence evokes understanding and bliss. The first act comprises the Other’s social rejection and a harsh discipline that moulds him into a hard and pitiless character. The second act concerns the descent of the One whose steadfast and holistic character encounters human need for the first time. He is divine and ancient presence of mind. The final act is a production of Divine Mind (a conversation between the One and the Other) where both recognize a kind of dependence upon one another.

ISBN 1-890357-12-X

$17.95 - Add to Cart

Reign Of Eros

Reign Of Eros
by Lucian M. Whyte
A meditation on the at-times antagonistic dynamic between men and women.

”A powerful and provocative insight into the decadent soul of a fragmented youth in his quest for an authentic sexual-ontological union which alone may bear him the wholeness and perfection of a new creation.” - Francesca Tataranni, Northwestern University

”An excellent literary exploration of the intolerable and unavoidable tensions in human desire.” - William Welton, Loyola University, Maryland

ISBN 978-1-890357-21-4

Provoking Thought

Provoking Thought
by Hugh Mercer Curtler

”Like sitting down to a dinner conversation that you wish wouldn't end. Curtler taps into his 41 years as a philosophy teacher, making the great thoughts of the Western tradition speak to the anxieties, perplexities, and absurdities of our times.” - Austin Dacey, The Center for Inquiry, New York City.

April 20, 2009

Provoking Thought by Hugh Mercer Curtler$17.95 - Add to Cart


by Kirk Shelko
Seeking humanity and community, an evolving anti-hero encounters a complex of ordinary and extraordinary persons. He belongs, but knows not where. 2014, 282 pages

”Reads like a playful, complex and erudite murder mystery, brimming with fascinating characters and mysterious communities.” - Clara Orban, Professor, author of eight books.
”A dark, sardonic, and deeply humorous look at both average and not-so-average human beings and their attempt to live together in community.” - William A. Weldon, Kent State University
Singularity$23.95 - Add to Cart

The Atheist Religion

The Atheist Religion and Why We Must Defeat It
by Daniel Casieri
The Atheist Religion enters the debate about the existence of God not necessarily to prove God's existence, nor to disprove Atheism. Rather the book, written by a graduate of Suffolk Law School, illustrates the bad reasoning of Atheism's own beliefs, and the inconsistencies in its own worldview.

”A provocative exploration of the question of whether atheism is really a religion...and the impact of atheism on world history.” - Thomas P. Roche, PhD., Visiting Lecturer, Bridgewater State University.
”A sound and cleverly written polemic against Atheism...Pastors, seminary professors, full-time Christian workers, and serious Bible students should own The Atheist Religion.” - Robert J. Burrelli Jr. PhD., Senior Minister, Pilgrim Reformed Bible Church
The Atheist Religion$19.95 - Add to Cart


Complete Publishing Resource Manual

Complete Publishing Resources Manual
by Linda Able
Core reference work, used by librarians to answer queries from the public. Includes a crystal-clear glossary of 2,000 terms, an 180-page annotated bibliography of every book published in the preceding decade on publishing and book-marketing, and a 62-page resource section of addresses, phones, faxes of printers, media, suppliers, and trade organizations.

”Highly recommended for academic, corporate, professional and community library reference book collections on writing and publishing.” - Midwest Book Reviews

”Indispensable resource for publishers…belongs within easy reach, next to your dictionary.” - Dan Poynter.

ISBN 1-890357-05-7

Orpheus in Brooklyn

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: The Ultimate Fitness Program for Life
by Larkin Barnett
with dancers from Miami City Ballet

The key to body suppleness, stress management and physical fitness, through 70 engaging exercises illustrated with over 150 photos.

“Larkin Barnett’s program offers simple, practical techniques to build and maintain a healthy, stress-free lifestyle — for even the busiest schedule.” - Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice-President of the Estee Lauder Companies

“Functional Fitness is a new, fun, and simple approach to getting fit and living fit. It is the first time-efficient fitness program promoting a better quality of life.” - The Duke of Marlborough

ISBN 1-890357-17-0

Social Sciences/Social Criticism


CINICA: Delusions in American Culture
by Daniel Martinez

"A wise, scathing and comprehensive guide to the dismal wreckage of contemporary Western civilization...[by] a keen moralist whose writing brims with savage indignation and taboo-popping truths." - Rick Bayan, author The Cynic's Dictionary.

ISBN 978-1-890357-16-0

Retail price #39.95 $5.95 - Add to Cart

Antinomy: a Union of Mind

Love & Delusion: Real Love and Honest Lies
by Daniel Martinez Ph.D.
In a very readable and lively fashion, Dr. Martinez has written a comprehensive and important analysis of love and human relationships through the centuries. In this exciting exploratory and intellectual journey readers will learn also about the roles that sex, mental health, personality, culture, and moral development play in our relationships with other people. Part of this journey involves looking at the vast array of delusions which are a normal part of human interactions. Utilizing his extensive clinical experience with adults and children, the author then asks one last enlightening question: “What should love be in a healthy culture?” So is there something greater than love in human relationships? A resounding “Yes!”, according to Dr. Martinez..

ISBN 1-890357-13-8

$5.95 - Add to Cart

The Humanics Method: A Tractate on the Way Forward in Academic Arenas Not Amenable to the Scientific Method

The Humanics Method: A Tractate on the Way Forward in Academic Arenas Not Amenable to the Scientific Method
by James Braxton Harris

”A thought-provoking critique of the efficacy of post-secondary Humanics instruction and research.” - Glenn E. Allen, Research Physicist, MIT
The Humanics Method: A Tractate on the Way Forward in Academic Arenas Not Amenable to the Scientific Method$27.95 - Add to Cart

Essay from an Examined Life

Essays from an Examined Life
by William Eisner
An insightful and amusing collection of brief essays written by the aerospace engineer turned author. Entertaining and absorbing they range over a wide array of topics from happiness, longevity, finding a mate, Shakespeare, and even the yoyo.

”This is more than a book of finely wrought essays, amusing, provocative, informative, and culled from a well-lived life.” - Roderick Shaner, Physician, Los Angeles

ISBN: 978-1890357-57-3

Essay from an Examined Life$19.95 - Add to Cart

Life Stories: Biography

From the Nile to the Hudson by Magda Sadek Boghdadi

From the Nile to the Hudson
by Magda Sadek Boghdadi
An inspiring life story about a hopeful new bride who leaves her beloved native country, Egypt, with the man she loves to embark on a new life, in America, not aware of the struggles, obstacles and challenges, which her fate would deliver.

From the Nile to the Hudson by Magda Sadek Boghdadi$17.95 - Add to Cart

The Ambitious Struggle: An African Journalist's Journey to Hope and Identity in a Land of Migrants, by Yasin Kakande

The Ambitious Struggle: An African Journalist's Journey to Hope and Identity in a Land of Migrants
by Yasin Kakande
Kakande, a Ugandan national, has worked for the past decade as a journalist in Dubai. His eminently readable book is a fascinating story of how he succeeded to carve for himself a distinguished niche against all odds in a very complex society; but far, far more than that, by recounting his daily professional duties, and the events and issues he was called upon to report--and not to report--Kakande focuses an intense beam of light on the bedrock issues of the secretive and very sensitive society that is now his own. And Kakande also raises the very germane question--how can one maintain professional and personal integrity--if doing so can ever so easily lead to his instant dismissal and deportation in a society whose ruling class prefers that its inner secrets remain secret.

The Ambitious Struggle$22.35 - Add to Cart