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Seeking new manuscripts

Florida Academic Press is actively seeking out new manuscripts primarily in the non-fiction and scholarly fields. We are in particular interested in books on the history and politics of the Third World (Africa, Middle East, Asia) and in books in the social sciences in general. Instructors who have designed books with coursework potentials are more than welcome so long as the books are also of interest to a wider academic and/or layman audience.

We have also recently opened two new fiction series, Studies in American Literature, and New Voices, and are accepting submissions for both series. New Voices was specifically initiated to assist unseasoned authors whose work may be meritorious, but whose market potentials is not clear, and involves co-publishing.

To submit your work please send us a complete manuscript (we have found query letters not to be very useful) with a s.a.s.e. envelope for its return should we judge it not for us. Please append a paragraph-length bio of yourself and of your qualifications, and another summarizing the essence of the book, its strengths, and what its projected market is.

Decisions are reached quite rapidly, usually in between four and eight weeks, and always in consultation with professional Readers from around the country.

All manuscripts that we eventually accept for publication *must* be submitted to us in camera-ready PDF form (we can recommend very reasonably priced designers for the conversion job if you cannot do it yourself) and professionally copy-edited. We offer a standard author's contract, and royalties of between 6-8% of net receipts, payable annually three months after the end of the tax year. We aggressively promote all our titles including via mailings to libraries, advertisements in the professional press including in the New York Review of Books, and via participation in association exhibits.